Negombo, The Fishing town – Sri Lanka

Negombo is a small-ish fishing town, located about 10 km from the airport. It was first occupied by the Dutch in 1640, 4 years later it was taken by the Portuguese, and finally in 1796 by British. Since we arrived in Negombo straight from the airport at 6AM, we just changed our clothes and went straight to the beach, where the Indian Ocean first met Uri (as Uri said in the movie below 😉). We were all quite excited, beach was OK, but nothing special and the sea was quite rough so we couldn’t go for a swim. There were a few fishermans around the beach, just repairing their nets and boats, normal Sunday stuff, I guess. Otherwise, there isn’t much to see here in Negombo, except a big Fish Market a few kilometers away. So, that was where we went.

A short film of our first day, and our trip from Skofja Loka to Sri Lanka is down below. 😉

Since it was our first day, we had no idea what to expect from the people, means of transportations etc. So, we took a tuc-tuc. We got stopped by a local, as soon as we stepped out at the Fish Market. So, he took us around and explained everything. Outside were a few stands, with every possible fish you can imagine, and some that you can not. Tunnas ranged from 40-50 cm, and were tagged for about 1500 LKR, which is just under 10€. Inside, and by the Ocean, they have enormous quantities of dried fish, which they turn every 4 hours on the scorching sun. That way, this fish can be ateable for 3 months. Then we went straight to the vegetable and fruit market very close by, bought a few stuff for the road and the next day, and went to our room to rest for our next adventures. On the way to our room we stopped at The Hindu Temple, and got home just before our first Sri Lankan rain shower.

The next day we changed our plans due to the weather, and went to Sigiriyainstead to Anuradhapura.

Here are a few photos of our first day.

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Video by Uri – Photography by Spela Bokal

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