Sigiriya – Sri Lanka

From Negombo we took a bus to Sigiriya, which is located in the central Sri Lanka. It took us half of day, because we had to take a bus to Dambulla (210LKR/person) where we had to pay extra for our luggage. Lia was having a blast, because she had her own seat, and she could ride the whole way with her head sticking out of the bus, while our crazy driver was racing through the country-side. It took us 3 hours to Dambulla and then rented a tuc-tuc with a driver that even knew a few things about Slovenia, and we even shared a common aquaintance-a photographer Domen Dolenc, who was in Sri Lanka in February 2016.

Our trip and everything about Sigiriya, you can see in a movie below, and pictures are on the bottom of the page 😉

From Dambulla to Sigiriya was about 10 km, which was 800LKR, but that is a local price. We reserved our room via Booking.comand it was called Sigiri Rainbow Lodge(15€/day for a big room with AC, private bathroom, breakfast, outside terrace and a WiFi). Location was perfect-500m from the town centre. Stuff was really nice and always ready to help. They also have a small school for the local children right on their terrace.

Sigiriya or Sinhagiri(pronounced see-gi-ri-yə) is most famous for this massive rock in the middle of the valley, called The Lion Rock-which has a great historical and archaelogical significance for the area and the whole country. It rises 200m high. King Kasyapaerected a big palace on top of it (477-495 AD) and proclaimed it for his new capital. There were a lot of paintings on the side of the rock, and on half way up, there is a big plateau with the Lions feet and head guarding the entrance to the upper levels. After the king died, it was used as a Buddhist monastery until 14th century, and was later abandoned. Now all that remains are ruins on the top, and Lion feet halfway to the top. But there is a great view on the top of the surrounding area, and on the gardens just beneath the Rock. You can read more on Wikipedia. So much about the rock itself. The entrance fee is around 40€ per person, and for the kids between 6-12 years is 20€.

You can also visit the hill next to the Rock, that also offers views on the surroundings and the Lion Rock. It cost us 500LKR and it is called Pidurangala Rock. You pass through a Buddhist temple, and work your way up, among the many Buddha statues so you need to have your shoulders covered at all time. Because of the heat and humidity this simple climb became more and more difficult and we were quite happy to reach the summit-and we weren’t sorry we came here.

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Foto by Spela Bokal, video by Travel With Kids

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