Polonnaruwa – Sri Lanka

So we decided to stay another day in Sigiriya, and went to Polonnaruwa for a day trip from here and then come back for another night. We took a tuc-tuc to Inamaluwa (300LKR for 10km) and forward by bus (200LKR for all three) to this ancient city. When we got there we rented bicycles, because we imediatelly found probably the only bike with the child seat in the back-it wasn’t the safest seat in the world, but for the speeds we’re gonna achieve, was more than suitable 😉

Polonnaruwa (pronounced Polaṉṉaṟuvai) is the main city of the county of Polonnaruwa in the middle of Sri Lanka. In 11th century it was proclaimed as the main ancient kingdom by the king Vijayabahu I, who defeated Chola in 1070 for the independence and reunited the country again. It reclaimed the title of the capital city from the Anaradhapura, which was in that time sieged and robbed from all sides by the armies of Southern India. It became a part of UNESCO World Heritage in 1982.

It is a lovely ancient city, easily accessible for families with small children by bikes, tuc-tucs or on foot. Entrance fee is 25€ per person, kids are free. There is a museum near the entrance, where you can see how the ruins that you see later outside, used to look. It can be very helpful for your imagination 😉 Later on, you can see temples, shrines, monkeys, lizzards. It was a great afternoon trip, full of different photo opportunities.

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Video by Uri – Photography by Spela Bokal

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