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Traveling around and getting to know the world, people, sightseeing, getting to know our history and history of the world… these are the dreams of many people. Most people only dream, we try to live this dreams. But all according to our financial and free time possibilities. That is why we think, we can appeal to the masses with this Blog and Vlog, to the majority of young and young-at-heart families with small kids. We pick budget friendly travels, travels most of us can afford.

Why converting this Blog to “Travel With Kids”? It sounded like a logical thing to do-when you get a kid or two, there is no need to stop traveling-if you’ve got the right spirit.

But who are we actually?

Špela Bokal 

I remember the first time I went on the road at 18. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I went hitchhiking to the Vienna airport…to go to Asia for two months and visit Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Next trips were China, Marocco, Central America, Venezuela, New York, Turkey, India, Florida, Sri Lanka and now, Vietnam again. I got a lot of experience during this travels, and now I am happy to pass this craving for travels on to my daughter. It’s true what they say, that the memories remain, but so does photos ;). So, I carry with me my photo equipment, because-pictures can tell a thousand words.

Uroš Krže

I wasn’t around as much during my “younger” years, but I managed to get hiking through Portugal, walked all accross Elba and Madeira, visited Cyprus and been around Turkey twice and then for our first trip as a couple we went to Miami, Florida and then when Lia was three years old to Sri Lanka. I sticked more to Europe and around, ’cause I’m more of a history freak, and we have a lot of that here ;). So, since Špela is always taking pictures I had to find a way to fill my “alone” time on this trips. I got myself a GoPro camera, a FeiyuG5 gimble some extra batteries and just started filming. Then I started editing a little, first in GoPro Quik, now since it all got a little more complex, I’m using iMovie. But, even this I’m afraid won’t be good enough for long. For Vietnam trip I equipped myself with a drone-Mavic 2 Pro (worth every penny). So, I hope you like our videos and pictures…it’s quite a lot of work put into them 😉


And then there came Lia. She’s a little girl, with a adventurous spirit and enthusiasm. She likes the water, whether it’s pools or oceans, it doesn’t matter. She doesn’t like hiking that much, but since she’s daddy’s little girl…she gets carried when she’s tired 😉 She adopts very quickly, she’s learning something everywhere we go…and in a way-we’re learning together.

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